An eco-construction first

Last year we opened the doors of our brand new, luxury bush getaway, Pel’s Post. Situated in the north of the Kruger Park, Pel’s Post is a place that is both the epitome of world-class luxury but also, importantly, sets the bar high when it comes to its environmental credentials. The result is our magnificent Pel’s Post, an eco-construction that is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Minimal impact on the landscape

The design and build of Pel’s Post was planned and carried out with, at its heart, our intention to have as minimal an impact as possible on the landscape. The result? We managed to only lose three trees in the construction of Pel’s Post and, should the lodge ever be removed, the land will return to its natural form within a short time. This is something we are truly proud of.

Environmentally conscious

Pel’s Post was built with only sustainable materials. The lodge is entirely solar powered, only LED bulbs are used and where we can make an environmentally positive choice, we have done so. For example, plastic has been replaced with glass and we do everything we can to reduce wastage. We continue to strive for the best, to learn and to implement new strategies which will decrease any footprint we leave on our piece of heaven up in the north of the Kruger Park.

Supporting local

We worked closely with our design teams to find the balance between luxury, locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly. From the furniture we have commissioned to the interiors, we have sourced as much as possible from local manufacturers and designers.


The land on which Pel’s Post and The Outpost Lodge stand was the first successful land claim in South Africa by the Makuleke Tribe. The Makuleke Tribe were removed from their land in 1966 and when they received their land back, they chose not to move back but rather to incorporate it into the Kruger National Park. 95% of the staff at Pel’s Post and The Outpost Lodge are Makuleke people.

Come and see for yourself

Pel’s Post is designed for a family or a group of friends to take over completely, if you wish. With only four suites, accommodating a maximum of eight guests, it is ideal for anyone looking for total privacy or for that special place to celebrate a wonderful occasion. Sundowners in magical locations, spa treatments, drinks around a crackling fire at night, any requests big or small… Pel’s Post defines a once-in-a-lifetime bespoke safari experience. Should you be travelling in a smaller group, you are also welcome to stay at Pel’s Post and book on a per room, per night basis.