Wellness travel at The Outpost

More and more people are looking for getaways that will not only revive them physically but revitalise them mentally and connect them spiritually too. From healthier menu choices to rejuvenating spa treatments and a focus on the ever-more-elusive digital detox, read on to find out how The Outpost is embracing the wellness travel trend.

Rejuvenating spa treatments

From meditation to massages, there are plenty of ways to revive your body and mind at The Outpost. For complete relaxation, book a massage from the comfort of your own luxury private space. We have a range of massage offerings including full body and specialised foot treatments – just what’s needed after an adventurous day exploring on your walking safari.

Healthier menu choices

To cater for the demands of wellness oriented travellers looking to stay healthy, The Outpost has adjusted its menu to feature many healthy options including a salad station, freshly squeezed juices and a variety of light meals. Of course, fine dining is always still on the menu but the options are there for those who wish to be more in control of their healthy eating plans whilst on the move.

Zen guiding

The Outpost is one of the only luxury lodges in South Africa to offer zen guiding. Being totally connected with nature whilst you are on safari is one of the very best ways to zone out from the rat race and find your inner calm. If you are interested in connecting with nature in new and interesting ways, such as mediating in the fever tree forest,  just let us know and we will tailor your stay accordingly. No two travellers are the same in our book, so we are here to offer you a bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Digital detox

A safari getaway, deep in the bush, is the ultimate form of wellness travel and provides an escape from the fast pace and stress of normal life. At The Outpost there is wifi in the main reception but we encourage our guests to take the opportunity to switch off and to embrace not being at the beck and call of their inbox. If you’re looking for a true digi-detox, again let us know and we’ll plan a day (or more… as you wish) of no cellphones, no cameras and perhaps even no clock… living, breathing and eating at entirely your own pace. Spending the day enjoying nature without the pressure of modern technology or a ticking clock sounds rather good, don’t you think?

Peace and tranquility await you at The Outpost, explore more about the property and book your stay. Please let us know if you require any more detail on our offerings – as always, we’re here to answer any and all questions.